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Games developed at MSG near publication

04 Feb 2018 5:08 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

Two games that have been developed at Metro Seattle Gamers are scheduled to see publication this spring:

Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble realistically covers the first three days of the campaign, a time of wild maneuver, of decisive attacks parried by the timely arrival of reinforcements, and the onset of trench warfare. The map covers the entire peninsula from north of Anzac Cove to Cape Helles, based on the 1922 British Ordnance Survey. Players can choose to land at the historical beaches, or create their own plans.

 This game is designed by MSG member Geoffrey Phipps.

Hitler's Reich is the first of the Card Conquest System game series in which players recreate epic military contests of history in short, comparatively simple and easy to learn, but hard to master games.  Designed to be set up in minutes and played to conclusion in one sitting, these are not simulations but games, albeit ones packed with enough historical flavor, excitement, and decision making to give you the feeling of being there at the highest levels of command.

Former MSG attendee Fred Schacter is the developer of this game.

You may want to check these games out on the GMT website; use the hyperlinks above to do so. 

Another game developed at MSG that has "made the cut" on GMT's P500 list is The Seven Years War: Frederick's Gamble. The release date for this game has not yet been set.


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