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Games under development at MSG now on GMT's P-500 list.

11 Aug 2015 3:28 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

Over the past several months four games that have seen heavy development activity at Metro Seattle Gamers have now reached the P-500 list for GMT Games.

Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble realistically covers the first three days of the campaign, a time of wild maneuver, of decisive attacks parried by the timely arrival of reinforcements, and the onset of trench warfare. The map covers the entire peninsula from north of Anzac Cove to Cape Helles, based on the 1922 British Ordnance Survey. Players can choose to land at the historical beaches, or create their own plans.

 This game is designed by MSG member Geoffrey Phipps.

The Seven Years War: Frederick's Gamble. In adapting GMT’s multi-award-winning The Napoleonic Wars game system by Mark McLaughlin, Designer Greg Ticer, aided by Developer Fred Schachter, create a furiously paced, card-driven, and battle/siege-intensive strategic/operational game which can be concluded  by two, three, or four experienced players in an evening or an afternoon. Players represent the Coalition of Britain and Prussia or their nemesis, the Imperial Camp of Austria (with its Holy Roman Empire Pact Ally) and France (with its powerful Russian Pact Ally).  The four main Powers never change Camps.  Neutral Sweden and Denmark wait to possibly be swayed into one of the antagonist’s fold.  Britain and France not only contend against each other on the continent, but upon the game’s colonial mini-maps and through an abstract naval war. 


MSG's lead playtester for this game is Stephen Graham. Veteran game designer and developer Fred Shachter is a frequent attendee to these sessions. 

Hitler's Reich is the first of the Card Conquest System game series in which players recreate epic military contests of history in short, comparatively simple and easy to learn, but hard to master games.  Designed to be set up in minutes and played to conclusion in one sitting, these are not simulations but games, albeit ones packed with enough historical flavor, excitement, and decision making to give you the feeling of being there at the highest levels of command.

Frequent MSG attendee Fred Schacter is the developer of this game.

Illusions of Glory The Great War on the Eastern Front is the latest Card Driven Game to simulate the Great War in Europe.  First came the award-winning legendary Paths of Glory by Ted Raicer, which simulates the entire war in Europe and the Middle East which is now a convention favorite.  It was followed by the well-received Pursuit of Glory, designed by Brad and Brian Stock, which focuses on the war in the Near East.  Illusions of Glory takes this proven game system to a new and exciting level by applying its focus to the Eastern Front.
 The MSG playtest lead for this game is Luther Harris. Fred Schacter is the developer.

You may want to check these games out on the GMT website; use the hyperlinks above to do so. 


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