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Metro Seattle Gamers new website has gone live!

22 May 2014 11:13 AM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

Dear viewer, supporter, and member of Metro Seattle Gamers,

Effective today, Dragonflight’s game club, Metro Seattle Gamers, has a new website:

This website will serve as the primary, but not the only, contact point for information about the club. In addition to providing a communications system for current and prospective club members, our new system will also provide the a club membership registration system, allowing club members to check upon the status of their club membership. In the future, after consulting with the club membership, we will probably use more of our new capabilities. In the meantime anyone who is interested in keeping track of developments may subscribe to our occasional news notices from this site by selecting the following hyperlink:


The Yahoo! Group, Dragonflight-MSG, will continue to operate as before and it will serve as the public email discussion group for the club; for the time being we will also maintain a duplicate event calendar in this group. Metro Seattle Gamers has plans to maintain its presence on other services in the near future; we will announce them when they are set up. NOTE: This new system covers Metro Seattle Gamers only, not the Dragonflight Annual Convention nor the Dragonflight parent organization; links for these other functions can be found on the new MSG website or at the next hyperlink below.


The Dragonflight Annual Convention is also coming up, August 8-10th at the Bellevue Hilton. The longest running games convention in the Pacific Northwest, Dragonflight XXXV promises to be a fun, personable convention offering a great variety of events in board games, wargames, and role-playing games. We invite all friends and supporters of Metro Seattle Gamers to actively participate in the Dragonflight convention as event sponsors, staff, or as players. For more information about the convention or the Dragonflight parent organization please consult

Please also note that there has been a rationalization of names and URLs by Abecorn and Dragonflight. Effective May 4, 2014 all Abecorn sites and services are operating under names and URLs registered to Abecorn and all rights and uses of the terms Metro Seattle Gamers, metroseattlegamers, and the URL have reverted to Dragonflight. The URL no longer links to Abecorn’s website. As of this time, neither Dragonflight nor Metro Seattle Gamers have any content on Abecorn’s website and vice versa. Dragonflight thanks Ben Stephenson and his partners for their previous efforts and wishes them good luck with their venture. You may follow Abecorn’s efforts at


To recap, information about Dragonflight, a non-profit organization supporting the gaming hobby in the Pacific Northwest, its Annual Convention and Metro Seattle Gamers may be found at the following URLs:


Thank you for your attention and support.


Scot McConnachie
General Manager for Metro Seattle Gamers

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